Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Vinylmation Line Coming Soon!

Hello guys! Sorry, no art this time. But I did want to inform you all that the Park 3 series of Vinylmation will be released next Friday, November 20th! I have quite a few in this series, including 2 9 inches! Disney hasn't posted any official pics up on the site yet, but my name's mentioned on the Artist Signing list. (Yay!! Always fun to see!) So if you're going to be in the Orlando area on the 20th, please stop by Downtown Disney's Art of Disney store from 5 to 7 and say hello!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I suppose this is how things like 'Darkwing Duck' happen

Stupid doodle, I know. We were watching 'Dark Knight' the other day and out of the blue Brian turned to me and said 'You should do a chick dressed up like Batman for your blog'. And here he is. I'm not big into drawing buildings and stuff (can you guess), they just bore the hell out of me so if I don't have to, they're not going in. He just didn't work too well on just a white background, so I threw this together just to add something. No, I'm not proud of it, it's not my finest achievement, but it gets the point across.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dia De Los Lindos

I know, it's not October anymore, so Cute and Creepy is officially over, but I wanted to do something for the Dia de Los Muertos holiday. It's not something I celebrate, but I remember learning about it in those years of Spanish class in middle and high school. It's not a style I ever work in, but it was fun taking it and kinda tweaking it to fit my stuff a little. So for anybody celebrating, Feliz Dia De Los Muertos hoy!