Friday, June 12, 2009

Tomorrowland Sketch

I went to the Magic Kingdom yesterday with every intention to spend a nice, relaxing afternoon drawing and just hanging out. Maybe grabbing an ice cream or a milkshake, just kicking back, not really doing any rides just a nice time drawing. Two things went wrong: 1) it was like 105 degrees yesterday, or at least it felt like it, and 2) Being June, school's out and the summer crowds are starting to trickle in.  So I spent maybe a half hour there instead of a whole afternoon. But I did get a nice sketch out of it though. I did this from the Plaza Restaurant outside eating area (right under Tinker Bell's flight path during Wishes) looking out toward the Tomorrowland entranceway. I've always liked Tomorrowland's entrance. I  like all the rocks, it makes it feel more Jules Verne-ish. 

But anyway, that's all I got for you in this post. I know it's not much but I hopes you like it. :)

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Jenni said...

I love this! I always walked by this scene when I worked at the Tomorrowland Speedway!