Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sketch Crawl Watercolors

I went sketch crawling today all by myself at Animal Kingdom. I did some gestures (all of which turned out like crap), and some watercolors, which turned out slightly better. I'm still not thrilled by them.. but I'm very indifferent, which scores better than my gestures. The Okapi and Golden Pheasant were done without any pencil drawing first: just pure, naked watercolor. 

Hee hee.. I said 'naked'.

The dinosaur is a sketch of a really cool DinoLand USA play area sculpture that I've always loved. It's a Corythosaurus, my favorite dinosaur! 


matt crotts said...

maria clapsis! i so much enjoy your stuff! and i haven't seen any of it since it was hanging in the display case over in cj!

really like what i see. i'm adding your blog to my inspiration list!

Anna Luther said...

i love the okapi. the depth of the watercolor is oh-la-la