Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Here are the donkey sketches I had mentioned a few posts ago. I started out by wanting to just design an out-and-out character, but I was happy with most of the sketches (I put in a few of the least favorites too just to show progress) so I just did two pages of designs.  My favorite is the big shy one on the second page. He's just precious! :D  I also decided to just lay down a layer of simple Photoshop color over them to kick em up a notch so I don't just have yet another page of black and white sketches here...again. 


Matt Swartz said...

Awesome Maria! Glad to see you posting with more frequency, something I need to do more! I think the second page is really strong and love the variation you colored the donkeys with :)

sculptwerks said...

So many donkeys! AAAAAAAAH!