Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hippity Hoppity

I know I'm a little late on these, but only by three days, so it's not too far off. I was doodling in Illustrator again, and I did a cute little bunny and chick inspired by the cuteness of Easter. I took it one step farther and designed a pattern (Yes, an actual pattern. This is totally capable of becoming wrapping paper, napkins, packaging.. you name it!) with the two lil' guys and a few egg designs I came up with really quickly.  I provided the original pattern design with a larger swatch showing the design repeating. Patterns are..I don't wanna say fun cuz sometimes they're just a pain...interesting.. to do so I might do a few more to expand my portfolio. 


Matt Swartz said...

I love the bunny, so CUTE! And i like that your creating patterns, how consumer products of you :) I think, maybe, take your illustrator stuff into photoshop and blur some of the lines. I love the graphic quality of them, but if you blurred some of the lines (like near the bunny's ankle/thigh and the chicks toes) you wouldn't know everything was made from simple shapes, making it all the more awesome. Just a thought. Don't touch the shadow around the faces though, gives it a nice sense of depth.

Anna Luther said...

haha posted on tax day too! these are super cute maria. And I totally love the savannah cuties line. These should be made into little onesies and bibs and stuff. hurray!