Saturday, August 22, 2009

More vinyls to round out the collection.

Here are some pics of vinyls that I've designed so far. All of these have been released, and most of them are still available for purchase in the theme parks, if you're so inclined. ;)

The first one I ever did was my Figment design. He came out in the first Vinylmation release, Park Series 1. I also included a pic of the card that comes with the toy. Each vinyl gets a card with it in the box with a picture of the original artwork and the artist name and signature (along with the signature on the foot of the toy).

In Park Series 2, I had three designs. My 3-inch design was Monkey. I also had two 9-inch designs. The first was The Incredibles set with a 9-inch Mickey as Mr. Incredible and a 3-inch 'metal' Jack Jack that comes with it. The second 9-inch design was the Finding Nemo seagulls. I don't actually own this one, so the image comes courtesy of, a really amazing Vinylmation fan source online. Check them out, they're up on the latest Vinylmation news and they have an awesome site too. Yay for fans!

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Matt Swartz said...

Still waiting for that awesome Figment one *wink wink :)