Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

More vinyls to round out the collection.

Here are some pics of vinyls that I've designed so far. All of these have been released, and most of them are still available for purchase in the theme parks, if you're so inclined. ;)

The first one I ever did was my Figment design. He came out in the first Vinylmation release, Park Series 1. I also included a pic of the card that comes with the toy. Each vinyl gets a card with it in the box with a picture of the original artwork and the artist name and signature (along with the signature on the foot of the toy).

In Park Series 2, I had three designs. My 3-inch design was Monkey. I also had two 9-inch designs. The first was The Incredibles set with a 9-inch Mickey as Mr. Incredible and a 3-inch 'metal' Jack Jack that comes with it. The second 9-inch design was the Finding Nemo seagulls. I don't actually own this one, so the image comes courtesy of, a really amazing Vinylmation fan source online. Check them out, they're up on the latest Vinylmation news and they have an awesome site too. Yay for fans!

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Vinylmations! Coming soon to a theme park near you!

Hello everybody! Back from vacation. I didn't even pick up a pencil while I was gone: the trip was more packed with activities than I had expected. And since I've been back I've been hitting a blank wall with what to do next. I have some ideas it's just finding the motivation to sit down and do them that's the problem. But, as Matt suggested earlier, I should start putting pics up of stuff I've done at DDG that's out, so while I'm on the creative dry patch, I think I'll fill up some space with that.

First up: this is the new line of vinyls going to be released soon. This info can be found at, so it's totally legal to show. This is our holiday line, with designs inspired by, well, different holidays. I have a bunch in this series. Three of the three inches and two nine inches are my designs. I'll let you guys guess and see if you can figure out which ones I did! ;)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Last Post Before Vacation!!!

So I'm going to be gone for two weeks on vacation. I'm bringing my sketch book along, so while (hopefully) I'll be getting a lot of doodling done, I won't be able to upload anything.  I'm going up with my boyfriend Brian to visit his family in Maryland and Ohio, and then some of my family in Virginia, hitting up Baltimore and D.C. while we're up there. It'll be good times!  I'm excited to take a good long break with no work to do (I finished up all of my stuff for work, which was why I haven't posted anything in a while).  It will be nice.

But anyway, I spent today doing this little number for a friend of mine from high school. She recently joined Facebook and didn't have a profile picture. She also HATES pictures of herself, so I know one wouldn't be coming anytime soon. In high school we always wrote stories (it's what we did for fun..I know we had no lives) and we came up with characters of ourselves that we wrote the stories about. So I offered to do a sketch of her character she could use for her profile pic. Her name is Akage, and her main character trait is 'pyro' hence the flames. I did this in Illustrator, but I played around with colored line work, which I really like. I don't do that too often but I think I'll start. 

So yeah. That's it for a while, but hopefully after I come back I'll have lots of stuff to post. See ya real soon!