Sunday, September 26, 2010

"When 900 years you reach, look as cute, you will not."

So lately when I'm home I've been doodling a little bit in Photoshop right after I wake up before I start working just to get the creative juices flowing . I never ever get anything good out of these sketches; they're mostly to get the crap out before I start on the actual work, and Photoshop helps because I don't waste paper on stuff that's just a jump start on the better stuff. But the other day some Star Wars music came on the ol' iTunes, and I decided to doodle some more Star Wars stuff. And these actually turned out pretty OK, so I kept going and filled a page up. They're still pretty rough, but I thought I would share anyway. :) I really like my take on Yoda. I might have to do a cleaned up version of him in this style at some point in the future. He kinda reminds me of Genndy Tartakovsky's version from the original Clone Wars cartoons, but less angular and more cuddly. "Snuggle me you should, yes. In need of hugs am I."

I also like my kinda wasp-ish, wino Jabba at the top there. That's what he would look like if Truman Capote voiced him I guess.

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Matt Swartz said...

So is this part of your master plan to make cute Star Wars art for Star Wars Weekend? They are all super cute! Also, kuddos for sketching in Photoshop. It's really hard for me to get anything I like, so I always use pencil and paper. But these are AWESOME!