Monday, September 6, 2010

Wuv, Twu Wuv Is What Bwings Us Together!

One of my best friends from college got married recently and I decided that making them a pair of custom Vinylmations would be a really unique and cute wedding present. At least I really hoped it would be. I liked how they turned out, so I was sure to document them before I gave them to the happy couple. And these I share with you!

The groom, complete with sculpted top hat, real bow tie, glossy shoes and little gem button and cufflinks.

The bride, with a real dress with glittery top, tulle veil, a tiara made from a prefectly sized necklace charm and bow complete with gemstone.

The happy couple in Disney's Wedding pavillion, complete with Cinderella Castle in the background.

Just some romantic atmosphere pictures around the Wedding Pavillion. It was a beautiful place, my ideal wedding atmosphere. ;) I did a lot of girly giggling and wistful sighing while I was there.

And of course, no wedding is complete without some pictures at the Grand Floridian Resort, the absolute image of luxury and romance.

The actual wedding was a dream, I had so much fun and I could tell the bride and groom did too.


Jessica said...

These are SO cute!

Chelsey said...

Maria! We absolutely love them!
Thank you! And p.s. the pic by the fountain is hilarious to me.

jenifer said...

Omg. Id love to recreate these for my wedding.. where'd you find the top hat and tiara? =] Soooo cute!