Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July Americans! I have three little patriotic characters for you guys today, sketched and colored just this morning (so I'm happy with them given I did them in like, a little over an hour total). They're kinda going back to more of what I doodled in college, and I like them. Expect more along this line in the future.

So first up, we have a cute little baby eagle, decked out in his holiday finest, one he'll have to grow into. I really like him, so I might take him into Illustrator and do a few designs with him. He'd be great on a onesie, so I might play around with that.

Second up is a more traditional eagle character. I think every character artist has to draw this sort of thing at some point in time. I named him George (after Washington) cuz Sam is SO  overdone.

And third is just a cute little teddy bear getting into the spirit.

Enjoy and have a Happy Holiday!

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