Saturday, July 25, 2009

Students of the Royal Academy of Her Lady Tangerine

I'm on a person roll! I was doodling some more, again, thinking about the fact that I NEVER do people and the ones I did the other day actually weren't too terrible, so I decided to do some more. I came up with these three girls. They're a little more anime, but that's OK every once in a while. I don't mind. 

The blonde is Amy. She's the leader of the the three friends. She's the smart, go-getter, does well in school, class president, good at sports, gets along with everybody type. However, her drive to succeed often leads her to over-extend herself, which can lead to some pretty sticky situations. Debate team practice and the homecoming game all in one night?! How will she pull that off?

The black-haired girl is Dominica, but you better call her Dom or she'll hurt you.  Her overly-girly name lead her to tom-boy tendencies as a child, but she's gradually learning that sometimes being a little girly is a good thing.  She enjoys pranks and punk rock, and is the drummer in her own garage band, which she put together with some guys at school.  She could care less about studying and learning but she's naturally good at math and enjoys it a little; not that she'd admit that to anybody. Despite her who-cares-about-grades attitude, she gets along with the adults and can often talk herself out of getting into too much trouble.

The brunette is Mayweather, but everybody calls her May for short. She is the quiet, shy, bookish one. She spends her days reading and enjoys learning as a hobby. She hopes to one day be a chemist in the medical field.  While she's normally very withdrawn, she has a secret addiction to sugar which makes her go on some pretty intense sugar high benders, where she often hits a toy store and splurges on teddy bears and Nerf guns. She's an awesome shot with those rubber darts. 

I'm also including the sketch because when I do vector art a lot of times I just show the finished product, and I wanted to start showing the originals occasionally as well.

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