Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Candy Apples Redux: Sweet and Sour

Bonus post today!

My friend Matt gave me an excellent suggestion the other day after my candy apples post. He said why not expand on it, and go with sweet and sour'? Red apples are sweet, green apples are sour, and that way it goes beyond just anther cute thing. Brilliant. I really miss brainstorming with ya, Matt. You're always chock full of awesome ideas!

So here they are, sweet and sour!


Matt Swartz said...

Excellent! I love these so much more, and not just because I suggested it. So much personality! And if you need anymore brainstorm ideas, you know where to find me :D

Hannah Sherman said...

omg i love em! and now i want a cady apple... damn you! hehe:) hope you are well miss! mind if i link ya?

Chelsey said...

hahaha. These are awesome maria! They made my morning!