Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Night of the Cuter Dead

DEFINITELY went with more 'creepy' today, but he's still kinda cute in a flesh-eating zombie sort of way! Don't hug him though, you might get a little blood on your clothes. Plus the whole 'he'll probably eat your brains' thing.

This was a little challenging. Trying to get a zombie to fit in with the other monsters was a little difficult, since zombies really aren't my thing. I don't draw ever (this was my first zombie!) and I'm not too big into zombie movies either. Too much gore usually, but 'Shaun of the Dead' was an exception. That was an awesome movie. But I digress. I really like him. Not too sure if he's going to make his way into the ol' portfolio but still it's a good Halloween blog contribution. Now 'Cute and Creepy' actually means cute and creepy. not just a catchy title!

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