Monday, October 5, 2009

He Vants To Suck Your Bluhd!

One! One cute vampire! 'A 'a 'a 'a!!!!

Another post in this style. And there's a background this time! Bonus! I'm figuring out that days that I'm in the office at work make posting just a little bit harder, so the post was a little late tonight. (Sorry Matt.. :( ) I think I may have to work a head and stockpile a few of these ahead of time. I have a bunch that I'm working on, but I should probably work them past a really quick rough sketch before I consider it 'stockpiled'.

Anyway! Enjoy the Count tonight. And watch your necks! ;D


Matt Swartz said...

Ooo, Ooo, another idea! Just looking at Drac and Witchy-Poo, what if you do a series of monster (something I'm sure your working on already), but they all incorpurate the moon in the background? It helps set the mood and atmosphere, and is another unifing quality other than style. I can totally see an awesome wolf-man howling! Just a thought...

Matt Swartz said...

Oh and this is really cute! Love the add environment with the castle!