Monday, October 12, 2009

It Came From Silver Springs!!!!!

Whew! Cut the deadline super close tonight. It's after 11 and I'm just getting this up.

Next creature in my monster series: The Creature From the Black Lagoon! Note: instead of a moon, like in my other monster settings, there are instead MOON JELLYFISH! Hahaha! It totally counts.

Quick 'Creature' trivia: they actually filmed some of the movie not too far away from Orlando, in Silver Springs. It's currently a little 'theme park'/tourist attraction with some glass bottom boats so you can see the actual spring where they shot the underwater scenes. It's pretty cool. The more you know!


Corrin said...

Maria ! everything is looking so adorable ! great job !


Matt Swartz said...

I guess "Moon Jellyfish" are acceptable. Seriously, I really like him. Love the color

Hannah Sherman said...

maria this is fantastic! ugh love it :)